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Should I Install a Septic Tank or a Cesspit

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  • 04-06-2016
Should I Install a Septic Tank or a Cesspit

Should I Install a Septic Tank or a Cesspit?

When it comes to waste disposal, you have many choices. Let’s take a look at the difference between a septic tank or a cesspit, and which you should choose.

Septic tanks are common sewage systems. They mainly have an outlet that is connected to a soakway. These tanks need to be emptied at least once every twelve months. A cesspool is not part of a treatment system and simply acts as a storage system. It needs regular emptying, typically every six to eight weeks.

A cesspool is typically a temporary solution where there is no proper drainage system. It’s often used in holiday homes, or where there are no suitable ground conditions. Most cesspits have alarms to notify you when they need to be emptied. This is essential, as opening the lid can be very dangerous.

When it comes to choosing between the two, only choose a cesspool if you have no other choice. They may be emptied by licenced carriers as it is not legal for anyone to empty this. You may even incur a fine if you attempt to empty these tanks on your own.

Keep in mind that if you get to a property that is quite old, take care. These cesspools may become vulnerable as they are quite large underground. The ground above may give in, as they are only brick built underneath.

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