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Sewer Cleaning and Repair

The sewers that are found beneath buildings and streets across the UK have an important job. They are responsible for taking waste water from toilet systems, bathrooms and kitchens. They then transfer it into a series of pipes that run underground.

This "foul water” system can, from time to time become blocked. This can lead to serious issues such as overflowing and in turn a risk to health for those around the sewer.

There are variety of companies who specialise in sewer cleaning and repair. For those that are in the South East of England Septic Tank SE can definitely help.

We have over 30 years’ experience in cleaning, repairing and maintaining pipes, sewers, drains and tanks. Which means that we are able to help you if your sewer suddenly stops working.

Our team have a variety of different tools and equipment that are specifically designed to help if you have an issue with your sewer system. Not only do we offer a standard service but also a 24 hour emergency response when you need help out of hours.

Whether a domestic or commercial client, we are able to give you the advice, help and assistance that you need. We are here to ensure that your drainage system is working as best it can. As well as this we can help you to avoid any costly or perhaps dangerous issues arising due to a blockage.

Don’t wait until there is a bigger issue, give us a call today and see what repair and maintenance services we can provide you with. All to ensure that your sewer is looking and working as best it can!