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Pond Clearance

At Septic Tank SE we never limit ourselves to waste management; we also are pleased to offer pond clearance services too.

Pond clearance is not only a one off event if you decide to no longer keep your pond; it can also form part of the regular maintenance and cleaning too.

If left, sludge can build up in your pond which will not only look less than attractive but can even cause issues in the long run. This includes lower water quality and reduced oxygen levels, something that can be harmful to pond plants, wildlife and fish.

This sludge and excess vegetation can be removed during the pond clearance process. We then leave you with a clean, clear and fully functioning pond.

Here at Septic Tank SE we are able to offer you a dedicated pond clearance service. We also work carefully to ensure that minimal mess and disruption is left behind when the work is completed.

We can provide advice on all aspects of the process; we even know where best to direct any waste products. Not everyone knows that the sludge from a pond can be used as a potent fertilizer on your garden.

As well as this we have the right tools to ensure that the work is completed to a high standard. We will also always pay attention to your needs at each and every part of the process.

Whether you want a one off pond clearance or want to arrange regular maintenance, give Septic Tank SE a call. Let us see how we can help you have a clean and clear pond to be proud of.