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New Soakaways

Soakaways are created outside of your property to attract excess rainwater away from causing damage to your home or business. The soakaway is a large hole which is filled with bricks, hardcore or other large bits of debris.

Modern soakaways also can be constructed from a plastic crate which is known as a Modular Cell Drainage System.

A soakaway is usually built below lawns, driveways or patios over five metres away from the building. As rainwater is collected within roof gutters or drainage channels, it gets transported towards the soakaway.

When water begins to fill a soakaway, the voids draw the water inside where it begins to gradually soak away into the ground.

This helps homes or other buildings from becoming water logged or flooded during periods of heavy rain. You should only use a soakaway for use with rain water. They are not designed for human waste disposal.

Replacing a soakaway

There are a number of reasons why you may wish to replace your soakaway with a new one.

Your existing soakaway may have become blocked. When mud, leaves, plant roots or other materials have blocked your soakaway, it may require replacement.

The soakaway might have collapsed. This can happen if heavy weights such as lorries, cars, tarmac or concrete is placed above it.

You may require a larger soakaway for a house extension. When a house is extended, the additional water collected in the roof guttering may become too much for the existing soakaway.

When building a new driveway, it is required that adequate drainage is provided to collect surface rainwater.

The old soakaway will need to be removed and replaced with a new system. Additional pipework leading toward the soakaway will need to be dug up and replaced.