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Maintenance of Treatment Plants

Not everyone wants to own a septic tank or cesspit on their property. Those who are looking for an environmentally friendly alternative may prefer Sewage treatment plants.

Sewage treatment plants are backed by the Environment Agency, as they partially treat any waste. The process involves aeration which partially cleans the waste. This allows it to be disposed with minimal impact on the environment.

These particular types of domestic waste solutions are on the rise and are found in areas where the main sewers are not easily accessible. They are often shared between a number of residential properties and are relied upon to process their waste.

Just like any waste solution, problems can arise. For those that rely on your sewage treatment plant then you will need to call someone who can fix your problem quickly and with little disruption.

For those throughout the South East of England including Essex and Surrey, Septic Tank SE can help. We have over 30 years’ experience across a variety of waste management services. This includes the repair, maintenance and servicing of sewage treatment works.

Fully licensed and equipped with only the very best tools; we are on hand to help you in your hour of need. Whether that is to fix an urgent problem, give you advice on long term solutions. Perhaps you just need us to guide you towards the right waste management solution for you.

To speak to a member of our expert team and discuss your needs, why not give us a call?