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Maintaining Sewage Treatment Plants

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  • 08-06-2016
Maintaining Sewage Treatment Plants

Maintaining Cesspools, Septic Tanks and Sewage Treatment Plants

If you are not close to a public sewerage system, you may need an alternative. Here’s how to properly look after them and maintain them regularly.

Depending on your situation, you may have a septic tank, or a cesspool. A septic tank processes raw sewage and needs to be emptied regularly. Your local authority may do this for you. A cesspool however, is a tank that simply stores sewage. It needs to be emptied often, by someone qualified or your local authority. Septic tanks are often preferred over cesspools.

Sewage treatment plants will treat raw sewage in a tank. It needs to be emptied often too. It is a system that works to breakdown sewage, instead of simply storing it. Septic tanks and sewage plants need to be registered with the local environment agency.

If you don’t maintain and empty your sewage system, the authorities may force you to. The benefit of having one of these systems is that you won’t have to pay for sewage services or water. But you need to maintain these systems and ensure that they are regularly emptied.

The only time when you may still need to pay charges is when your system is connected to the public sewage system. Generally, you won’t need to pay as the system won’t be connected.

Tank Smart provides liquid waste management solutions. Contact us to discuss your individual requirements. For more information, please phone 01483 377 074. We offer professional cesspools, septic tank and Sewage Treatment Plant maintenance in Surrey and the South East.

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