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Maintaining Septic Tanks

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Maintaining Septic Tanks

Maintaining Septic Tanks

If you make use of a septic tank, you have certain responsibilities to be aware of. Let's look at how you can effectively maintain a septic tank on your property.

A septic tank is a tank that is usually stored underground. It holds raw sewerage and the need to be regularly emptied and cleaned. These tanks have separate compartments for liquid and solid waste, and solid waste needs to be entered manually.

You can have your local authority inspectors and empty your septic tank, this will usually be done at a charge. You can also make use of a private contractor.

If you have a septic tank you usually do not have to pay any sewerage charges to your local company. However, if your tank is connected to the public sewer line, for example, to allow for the overflow, you will need to pay additional charges. 

If your surface waters drains are connected to the public similar, will also have to pay additional charges even if your tank connected.

If there is a public sewer line close by, you have the right to connect to it. You will have to pay additional for this, but you can insist on being connected. If there is no public sewer line close by, you can ask your local sewerage company to provide one.

Whether you use a septic tank or a cesspool, it can be great alternatives to a traditional sewerage system. But it is important to always maintain them effectively and make sure that you adhere to all the requirements.