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Maintaining Cesspools

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Maintaining Cesspools

If your property is not connected to the main sewer line, you may have to use a septic tank, cesspool or a sewerage treatment plant. Let's look at how you can effectively maintain a cesspool.

A cesspool is often referred to as a cesspit, and is tank that can store sewage from your property. These cesspools will need to be emptied by a regular basis, and it has to be done by a registered professional.

If you are making use of the cesspool, you don't have to pay sewerage charges to your sewerage company. But you will be responsible for ensuring that the system is properly maintained. 

They may insist that you carry out certain necessary repairs, or they can do and charge you for it. This will especially be true if your cesspool is a risk to public health, or if it is leaking or overflowing.

If there is a public sewer system close by, you have the right to connect your train from your property to the public sewer. Remember that you will need to pay for this, but you can insist on it. If there is no public sewer flows by, you can ask your local sewerage company to provide one.

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