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Liquid Waste Disposal Services 
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Are you looking for liquid waste disposal services in Surrey and the South East? Contact our specialists for human waste disposal.

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Our waste disposal Services:

Liquid Waste Disposal Services Surrey and South East

Septic Tank Emptying

Cesspit Emptying

It is important to ensure that your septic tank is regularly emptied. Our experienced team offer septic tank emptying throughout Surrey and the South East. Our vacuum tankers provide an efficient waste removal service. We are also qualified and trained to provide a legal disposal that meets the local authority requirements.

If your cesspit is not emptied every 6 to 12 months, you may experience a build up of sludge. This can create blockage problems or overflowing. We have 30 years experience clearing cesspits of waste water and transporting it for safe disposal.

Drain / Sewer Cleaning & Repair

Maintenance of Treatment Plants

We offer a drain clearing and repair service to attend to any drain problems in Surrey and the surrounding areas. We can provide a prompt drain clearing service whatever time of day or night.

Our specialist waste management team offer a complete service for sewage treatment plant maintenance. We have the latest equipment and are fully qualified to keeping your treatment plants working correctly.

High Pressure Jetting

24 Hour Emergency Service

Our high pressure jetting service is an efficient way to clear drains, septic tanks and cesspit pipes. If you experience blocked drains or sewers, our jetting service will wash it clean fast.

We understand the difficulties which can occur if your drains or septic tanks become blocked or overflow. We are available 24 hours, 7 days a week to assist with managing any waste water problems that you experience.

Pond Clearance

If you experience a build up of sludge in your pond, we can help. We offer pond cleaning to breathe life back into your garden. A clean pond means that there is adequate oxygen for plant life and fish to live healthily.

Pond Clearance Surrey

Basic Requirements Of Human Waste disposal

There are a few basic requirements for human waste disposal methods. This includes: 

  • The surface of the water must not be contaminated (such as bacteria).
  • No contamination of the groundwater to ensure things like springs and wells are not contaminated as well
  • The method of construction should be simple and low cost
  • The method used on the construction should last around 5 years or more for it to be cost-effective (this ensures no environmental issues arise.

Frequently Asked Questions


A septic tank is an essential part of many residential sewage systems. These septic tanks are constructed using either concrete or plastic to stop the wastewater from leaking into the environment. 

For the most part, you should have your septic tank emptied every three to five years. However, this depends on how many people are living at your home. If there was only one person, then this could be around 10 years before it needs changing. Pumping out the septic tank every so often is good for keeping it working correctly. 


Most cesspits should be emptied every 45 days. However, the size of the cesspit should be changed depending on how many people are using it. For a normal household with only one bedroom, the minimum amount that the cesspit can hold is 18,000 litres of effluent. Each person extra adds another 6,800, and for a 4 bedroom house, the cesspit should be about 42,000 litres. This should all be emptied every 45 days.

Our professional team is more than qualified for large or small tasks that involve emptying cesspits or septic tanks for our customers.


In liquid waste removal, there are three main types of liquid waste removal: sewage, sullage, and runoff. 

Sewage is wastewater and contains human waste, and sullage includes wastewater from everyday activities such as remains from cooking and washing liquid from sinks etc. The runoff wastewater is generally not so good as this can be from standard rain water, dams and ponds. This means it can carry all sorts of waste within it.

If you require liquid waste disposal services in Surrey or throughout South East England, get in touch today. Call 01483 200336.