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How to Install Your Own Septic System

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  • 28-05-2016
How to Install Your Own Septic System

How to Install Your Own Septic System

Installing your own sewage system is definitely possible but not always easy. It’s best to use an expert for this project. Let’s take a look at what it involves.

When you install a septic system you need to consider safety. You should know where all the utilities are before you start digging. You should also know how to operate the necessary equipment. Some septic systems can be quite complicated to install and may need an excavator.

There are mainly two systems to choose from. These are gravity-fed systems and alternative septic systems. Gravity-fed systems will require equipment like a trencher, shovel, level, perforated pipe and PVC fittings. Also make sure you have any permits you may need.

Remember that the flow should always go downhill for a gravity-fed system. You need to have a whole that can accommodate the concrete tank below. Also place your perforated pipe in the gravel. The material from the house will flow into the first part of the tank. After some bacterial breakdown, it will flow to the second section for further breakdown.

Alternative septic systems may involve a pressure tank. This is used to move material forward to other parts of the system for final disposal. It’s important to know what the depth of these pressurised tanks should be. You should also choose the right location.

Tank Smart provides liquid waste management solutions. Contact us to discuss your requirements. For more information, phone 01483 377 074. We offer professional services for septic system installation in Surrey and the South East.

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