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How Does a Cesspit Work

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How Does a Cesspit Work

How Does a Cesspit Work?

If you're not connected to your main sewage system. You will have to make use of alternative methods. Let's take a look at how cesspit works.

The cesspit is also referred to as a cesspool. It works slightly different than a septic tank, as it has no inlet or outlet. A cesspool will contain the sewage until it is emptied. This should usually be done a few times a year, and it is disposed into a disposal lorry. Also keep in mind that this should be done by a professional. 

A septic tank is slightly similar to a cesspit but, but it has different compartments for solid waste and liquid waste. Solid waste will remain in the tank and will need to be emptied manually. Liquids are removed and cleaned with a process called percolation. You need to clean a septic tank about once or twice a year.

If you have a choice between a cesspit and a septic tank, choosing a septic tank is usually the better option. But you need to make sure that it has no leaks and that it does not pose any danger for the environment or the people around you.

These options are only considered if you are not located close to a sewage network. You can also request to be linked to a sewage network where possible.

The size of the cesspit you choose will depend on the number of people that live in the house or the building that will use it. There are specific guidelines around this. So it is always recommended to find out what size the cesspit or septic tank should be before you install it.