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Drainage Maintenance Services
Surrey and South East

If you are looking for drainage maintenance services, contact our specialist drain engineers today. We offer sewer and drain clearance, jetting, repair and surveys.

For drainage maintenance services in Surrey, Essex or Suffolk, contact us today on 01483 377 074.

Drain / Sewer Cleaning & Repair

We can unblock and clean all of the drains and sewers that you may need us to. If the problem is more serious than a blockage and you need repairs, we can also help you. 

We have a great team of drainage engineers here at Tank Smart. They can provide the perfect solution to your blocked and damaged drains. Do not let a blocked or damaged drain stop play at your home or business. Let us help you get back on track.

Are you looking for drain maintenance or drain surveys in Surrey? We have an excellent reputation for being a hard-working, reliable and efficient company in surrey. We work throughout the South East of England and are always happy to help our customers.

If you would like any more information about our drain and sewer cleaning and repair services in Surrey or wish to get a quote, feel free to contact us today on our website or call 01483 377 074. We are more than happy to provide you with any advice you need. We look forward to helping you find a solution to your problems soon.

Our Drainage Maintenance Services;

  Drain Lining

  Drain Repair

Drainage lining or drain relining involves placing a polymer lining that eventually bonds with the pipe itself. In short, the drainage lining is used for repairing any cracks which are in the pipework. The polymer lining is placed inside the pipework and used to fill in any cracks which are there.

Drain repairs can sometimes take no time or a lot. This depends on whether parts need to be replaced or just repaired. If the pipe is damaged, we need to look at it before deciding what to do. Whether the part is repaired or replaced depends on the damage, such as whether the damage is caused due to corrosion/wearing or due to a blockage. 

  Sewer Unblocking

  Blocked Drain Cleaning

When presented with blocked sewers or drains, we can sometimes get it done using strong chemicals. However, sometimes we need to use a high-pressure water jet. This doesn't just remove the blockages but also cleans the pipes to keep them healthy and reduce the damage. 

Some blocked drains can be easily fixed, and others are more stubborn. This depends on whether it is a blocked toilet or sink etc. One tool that we use is a high-pressure jet cleaner. This works by getting high-pressured water pumped through a hose, and the special nozzle on end provides strong water, which breaks up any debris there.

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  CCTV Surveys, Inspections, and Reports

CCTV Surveys, Inspections, and Reports: Damage or blockages can appear anywhere in the pipework and at any time. To ensure that you are not wasting your time and money, we will carry out drain inspections of the pipework first to get an accurate assessment and sometimes use a CCTV drain survey. This technology allows us to be more accurate with the location of the damage. This allows us to know the damage, location and the extent of the damage beforehand, we begin to repair or replace the parts.

The Most Common Drain Problems


One of the most common drainage system problems is a blockage within the pipework. Blockages can take a long time to build-up and eventually reduce or stop the water flow and create issues for you. Blockages are generally made up of hair, grease and food debris stuck to the pipes' walls over time.

Open Joints

These displaced or open joints can be caused by unstable, lack of maintenance or increasing traffic levels. The gaps created by these open joints can allow wastewater to leak into the soil around it and harm the environment or create structural damage. This has a slight chance of breaking the pipe as well, which is much worse.


Cracks within the pipework are common and can generally be found near the pipes' joints. These cracks allow wastewater to leak into the surrounding environment, damaging the ground's overall structural integrity.

Tree Roots

Tree roots can find the smallest crack inside a pipe and make it bigger by going inside. This creates more and more while the roots grow inside the sewage system. They also go through the joints if possible.

Who is responsible for a blocked drain?

If you privately own the sewage system, then you are responsible for the maintenance and repairs that need to be done and all costs that come from it. 

If multiple people use the sewage system, the cost is shared between them. Also, you can be forced to get maintenance and repairs done by the health department if they deem it necessary. Other companies can take up this job; however, the sewage system must be in good condition to meet their requirements.


Are you looking for drainage maintenance services in Surrey and the South East? Contact our specialists for human waste disposal.

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drainage maintenance services in Surrey and the South East

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